School Tours

Looking to our future while sharing the past

Offering educational school tours to pre-school and elementary age students has been a part of Center Grove Orchard's history since 1994. While school tours have evolved from being led by tour leaders to self-guided, we still believe it's important that children have opportunities to share in our passion for farm life, by learning about agriculture in a fun and beautiful setting as part of their past and looking to our future.

The perfect interactive outing for your class.

During your visit, students will learn through different activities related to agriculture and farm life in our fun, beautiful 200-acre outdoor classroom—with crops, animals, farm equipment, and more!

School Tour

Tour Options

Apple Tours
September 12 - 29

Pumpkin Tours
October 2 - 27

Bookings accepted beginning in August

Enjoy the Farmyard Activities

  • Nearly all the activities on the farm will be open and functioning.
  • Corn Pool, Jumping Pillows, Combine Slide, Hay Bale Maze, and more!
  • Weather-related closures are possible.

Choose your own adventure

School tours are completely self-guided as classrooms explore on their own without a Center Grove Orchard tour guide. Activities are divided into three categories:
  1. Self-Guided Learning Stations: Use your five senses in these Learning Stations to discover life on the farm.
  2. Self-Guided Fun Stations: Activities around the farm that are available for a time of play such as the Jumping Pillows, Super Slide, Corn Pool, Honey Beeline, CGO Express, and Hayride.
  3. Tour Talk: Stations hosted by Center Grove Orchard staff. These stations are time specific and offered at the Apple Orchard and Barn Shows.

Who are School Tours designed for?

School tours are designed for pre-school through second grade.

Additional Information

  • Apple Tours provide the opportunity for each student to pick three apples from the orchard.
  • Each member of a Pumpkin Tour will get to pick a small pumpkin or gourd from the Pumpkin Patch.
  • School Tours are for certified daycares, pre-schools, and public/ private schools. Home school families must provide one of the following to be eligible: affidavit from the school district, evaluators report from the Fall, or cyberschool documentation.
  • Picnic tables are available to enjoy lunch.
  • Lunch can be purchased at any of our open food venues (dates and times vary) for an additional charge.
  • The Country Store will be open for additional purchases.