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Siblings Steven Black & Deanna Black

The Story of Center Grove Orchard

The story of Center Grove Orchard is about passion—passion for the land, for the community and for offering wholesome, family-friendly fun. Find out how one family’s dream has become a destination for countless families from all around. 

Center Grove Orchard est. 1986

Center Grove Orchard, owned and operated by the Larry D. and Pat Black Family, has been open to the public since 1994. We planted our first apple trees in 1986 and now we have more than 20 acres with 6,000 apple trees of many delicious varieties. 

Though Larry passed away in 1999, his vision is carried on in all that we do. Larry loved his family, farming and Iowa. We like to think he’s smiling upon how we’ve grown since those early days of getting up from Sunday Dinner to go out and sell a few bags of apples. An appleseed starts small but soon grows into a mighty tree with many branches, and so it is with Larry’s dream and Center Grove Orchard. 

As a working farm and apple orchard, we want you to experience a lively farm atmosphere and we hope you find that you gather as many happy memories as you do apples. We work hard to provide you with an enjoyable, educational experience in a peaceful country setting. 

We are proud to work together to create this experience and we are blessed to share it with you every year. Thank you.

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