Professional Photography Policy

We welcome those who wish to use Center Grove Orchard as a backdrop or setting for any portrait or commercial photography, even if the photographer is not compensated, financially or otherwise. Examples of “portrait photography” are: high school senior, engagement, family, graduation, wedding, etc. Examples of “commercial photography” are: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc. Please read this information carefully and completely. 

We ask that the professional photographers cooperate in the following manner:

Prior to Photography Sessions:

Farmyard Admission is required for everyone in a photography party. You and your staff/ assistants as well as clients must purchase Farmyard admission.

Please note that, for the comfort and safety of all our guests, pets are not allowed at Center Grove Orchard. Trained service animals are, of course, warmly welcomed.

Aside from simply sharing social media posts by Center Grove Orchard, please do not promote any of our special events, character appearances (e.g. princesses, costume characters), or sales as a way to promote your photography services. This is to maintain the integrity of our offerings and allow for changes due to weather, illness or other reasons. We ask you not to make promises to your clients that you have no control over and, unfortunately, we might not be able to keep.

During Photography Sessions:

Make sure your clients have your cell phone number so that they can contact you upon their arrival.

Photography sessions may occur during business hours only. Hours are stated on our website. Please contact us with any questions.

If not purchased ahead of time online, all members of the photography party must pay Farmyard Admission upon arrival.

Arriving for Photography Sessions:

Photography is welcome in any public area of Center Grove Orchard. Please do not enter any areas marked No Access, Do Not Enter, or areas with working farm equipment.

Please respect the natural environment and the crops we are growing. Use care and caution around landscaping.

Photography sessions must finish by closing time each day. Hours are stated on our website. Please contact us with any questions.

Apples, strawberries, sunflowers, and pumpkins are not included in the cost of Farmyard Admission. They are available for purchase if you wish to use as props.

The use of drones is strictly prohibited.

No public area may be closed or blocked to customers during a photo shoot. A photography session does not offer exclusive access to any part of the property.

Please keep a close eye on your equipment and property. Center Grove Orchard assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings. 

After Photography Sessions:

Professional photographers posting their work from Center Grove Orchard on social media must identify each photo as being taken at Center Grove Orchard tagged @centergroveorchard or #centergroveorchard.

Any online photo galleries or images should have a link to our website:

Center Grove Orchard has the right to use, with proper attribution to you, any photos posted online.