Pumpkin Tours


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Offered Wednesday - Friday between October 9 - October 24 | Offered on Monday, October 21

About this experience

Select the time you plan to arrive and check in at Admissions.

Number of Attendees 

(students, teachers, aides, chaperones, etc)

Number of reservation spots to book
< 40 attendees 1 spot
41 - 90 attendees 2 spots
> 90 attendees 3 spots

Tour Fees

  • Students: $9.95 per student
  • Teachers/Paras: Free
  • Parents/Guardians/Siblings: $9.95

Includes access to the pumpkin patch and a small pumpkin or guord to take home.

Book your spot for FREE today. Payment is expected the day of scheduled tour.  We accept cash, credit, business checks and purchase orders.