Daily Farm Updates Thursday, July 29, 2021


The Country Store

Closed until Fall. Come choose from a wide variety of freshly-picked apples. Select your favorite butters and preserves to take home and enjoy. Check out our wide and unique selection of jellies, honey, soup mixes, dressings, coffees, dips and more. From salsa to BBQ sauce, it’s all here!


Coming and Going

Whether you’re just arriving or heading back home, stop by one of our fantastic places in our main building before you head back to your next activity!

Hay Café

Closed until Fall. Rain or shine, you can sit down and enjoy a delicious and unique meal. The Hay Café offers sandwiches, soups, chicken pot pies and more! Kid-friendly options, too. For dessert, check out our variety of bakery treats like donuts, slices of seasonal pies, and ice cream! Cider, slushies, and soft drinks are also available.


Closed until Fall. Once the aromas catch your nose, you’re hooked! The Bakery offers a variety of yummy things to eat, including cider donuts, apple crisps and pies, turnovers, Deanna’s Dumplings, pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls, ice cream, apple cider—both hot and cold—and apple cider slushies!

Coffee Shop

Closed until Fall. Stop by our Coffee Shop and enjoy espressos, lattes, mochas, Americanos and cappuccinos made from freshly-ground beans. Beyond coffee, try a hot chocolate, chai, or traditional apple cider. Don't forget to grab a cider donut before taking in our beautiful Iowa farm (or an extra for the drive home).

Food at the Farmyard

If you’re coming to the Farmyard to enjoy our activities, we hope you’ll stop at one of our many food stands and enjoy a meal!

Feed Bunk

Closed until Fall. Come hungry, because you definitely won’t leave that way! Our Feed Bunk is ready to serve you on the weekends with burgers, hot dogs, pulled-pork sandwiches and our fresh-cut fries. Oh, and don’t forget our famous applesauce!


Closed until Fall. Shucks offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken strips, and our refreshing Apple Cider Slushie! Whether you’re looking for a snack or a meal, you can find it at Shucks.

Apple Jacks

Closed until Fall. Apple Jacks is loaded with all things apple. Caramel apples, apple nachos, cider donuts, cider slushies and more—it’s all here at Apple Jacks.

Pumpkin House

Closed until Fall. Find what you’re looking for at the Pumpkin House. Grab some corn dogs to take with you around the Farmyard or find a bench to enjoy a snack or meal—the Pumpkin House is the place to be.

Country Corner

Closed until Fall. Country Corner is your headquarters for U-Pick bags for the Apple Orchard. Drinks and snacks, such as caramel apples and cider donuts, are available during the weekend.

Taco Cart

Closed until Fall. For either a snack or a meal, the Taco Cart has you covered. Try the authentic taste of either our Steak or Pork Carnitas Street Tacos—or both!

Lemonade Stand

Closed until Fall. Feeling parched? The Lemonade Stand has you covered. Grab a refreshing Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and continue with your farmtastic day!


Closed until Fall. Join our family in tradition, by grabbing a bucket of cookies or enjoy a variety of shake ups, with such flavors as cookie, s'more and apple cider!

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Today starts Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Week! 
We feel very fortunate to be able to harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables— such as strawberries 🍓, snap peas, apples 🍏, potatoes 🥔, and pumpkins 🎃. 
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Only 1️⃣ more month until the Fall Season is in full bloom— season starts Augusts 21! 🍎 In the comments below 👇, let us know what you are looking forward to the most!

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Working at Center Grove Orchard is almost as fun as visiting! If you love working with people, are friendly, responsible and hardworking, we’d love to have you a part of our CGO family! 
👉 https://bit.ly/CGOEmployment

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