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Policies + FAQ

Center Grove Orchard is a family-friendly location for all! We do, however, have a few rules we ask you follow to ensure you have a farmtastic time!

Farm Policies

Watch Your Children

We are a working farm, with a working train and tractors and lots of farm animals. Please monitor and protect your children during your visit, for their safety and yours.

No Smoking, Please

We are tobacco free. Please refrain from smoking, using other tobacco products or vaping while visiting Center Grove Orchard.

No Alcoholic Beverages During the Farmyard Season

Please help us maintain a family-friendly environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Grounds & Facilities

How far do I have to walk between activities?

The Orchards, Pumpkin Patch and activities are spread over 25 acres. There will be some walking involved to get to and from the activities. Our Hayride (which is handicap-accessible) transports passengers to and from certain activities. Wear comfy shoes! Feel free to bring your own wagon or stroller for kids.

How long should we plan for to enjoy the Orchard and all the Farmyard activities?

Exploring Center Grove Orchard and all our activities can easily take all day, but if you are coming with children, plan for at least 2-3 hours to enjoy what that the Orchard has to offer!

Can my dog come along?

Please don’t bring your dog or your pets. While we love dogs, it’s safest for everyone (dogs, too) that way. Of course, properly identified service animals are always welcome!

Do you have restroom facilities?

Yes! We offer the Potty Barn in the Farmyard. There are also restrooms in the Country Store.

Does Center Grove Orchard make donations to fundraisers?
Are professional photographers welcome to take photos of clients at the Orchard?


What are your apple prices?

Please see our U-Pick sizes and pricing here.


In-Store Sizes and Pricing

all varieties except Honeycrisp:

  • $2.00/lb for 1/4 peck bag (about 3 lbs)
  • $1.75/lb for 1/2 peck (about 6 lbs)
  • $1.50/lb for 1 peck (about 10 lbs)


  • $3.00/lb for 1/4 peck (about 3 lbs)
  • $2.75/lb for 1/2 peck (about 6 lbs)
  • $2.50/lb for 1 peck (about 10 lbs)
Why do the Honeycrisp apples cost more?

They are our premier apple. They are harder to grow, are more labor-intensive than our other varieties and are also in higher demand.

How many pounds are in a bushel or a peck?

1/4 peck = 3 lbs. | 1/2 peck = 6 lbs. | 1 peck = 12 lbs. | 1/2 bushel = 24 lbs. | 1 bushel = 48 lbs.

What are the baking instructions for the frozen pie/crisp/dumpling available at the Bakery?

Always place your frozen item on a baking sheet before placing in the oven to catch any spillover! Times are approximate, so be sure to keep a watchful eye as ovens may vary.

Farmhouse Apple Pie – Bake at 400° for 40 minutes, then decrease temperature to 350° for 50–60 minutes or until golden brown.

Country Apple Pie – Bake at 400° for 40 minutes, then decrease temperature to 350° for 50–60 minutes or until golden brown.

Deanna’s Dumplings – Preheat oven to 400°. Bake for 50–60 minutes or until golden brown, basting the last 10–15 minutes.

Apple Crisp – Bake at 350° for 90 minutes

How long do apples last once purchased?

Apples need moisture to stay fresh. We recommend you keep your apples in a crisper drawer in your fridge. To keep them moist, place a small cup of water in the drawer with them. In doing so, your apples will stay fresh for 4–6 weeks.

What are your most popular apples?

Honeycrisp and Jonathan

Is your apple cider pasteurized?


What do you do with your seconds?

Our seconds—apples with bruises or blemishes—are sold at a discount in our store.

Are your apples organic?

Our apples are not organic. If we had a choice, we would not spray our trees. It’s simply not an option with so many insects and different diseases pressuring our crop. We spray as little as possible to get by, enough to have good quality fruit. We spray to make sure you don’t find a worm in your apple.

How does it work when I pick my own apples? Where do I get a bag? Which apples can I pick?
Which apples are good for pie, crisp, caramel apples, etc.?

Admission & Payment

What is the difference between going to the Orchard on a weekday vs. weekend?

A few things are not operating or available during the week like the Apple Slingshot and select food venues, for example.

Do you have an ATM available?

No, but all purchases (except apples for the Apple Slingshot) can be paid for with credit/debit cards.

Can I pick my own apples without paying admission?

Yes, but you must pay for the apples you pick and take home.

Can I shop the store without paying admission?


How much is admission and what’s included?
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We also accept purchase orders for tour groups.


Is your fudge homemade?

Yes, we make our fudge from scratch!

Is Center Grove Orchard family-owned and -operated?

Yes, it is (with the help of an amazing staff)! Learn more here.

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