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Admissions (Seasonal)

Is This You?

Seeking customer-focused, self-motivated, detail-oriented and highly-organized individuals to play a leading role in processing entrance to our farm in our Admissions department. The ideal candidate for the position will have a natural passion for fast-paced environments, top-notch customer service skills, and practice responsible register/cash management. Attention to detail is key for scanning season pass holders and matching their faces with photos on an iPad, and processing credit cards. Must be able to deal with high pressure situations. Simple command of a two-way radio is essential. Admissions includes Admission Bins, CGO Express, Pumpkin Checkout, Pumpkin Valet, and Sunflower Stand.

Admissions Jobs Overviews

Admission Cashier: This is the main job at Admissions. You become the first impression guests have of Center Grove Orchard, therefore it is your priority to display exceptional customer service. This includes but is not limited to: greeting and welcoming guests; answering guests’ questions and offering information & assistance related to all aspects of CGO; upselling additional products such as animal feed; address and manage complaints & concerns or escalate to the Team Lead; administer lost and found. You will be standing much of the time, processing entrance to the farm by either selling admission tickets or verifying season pass ownership on an iPad register. You will be expected to go through cashier training and display proper money handling.

Country Corner: As a member of the Country Corner Crew, you will have the opportunity to bounce back and forth between different roles that are in our Country Corner area by the train. This could include helping guests in and out of the corn maze or assisting guests–either during a hayride or after a hayride–find their destination. This position will also be utilized to scan the landscape and help curb any litter or trash that may be in or around our farm.

Hayride Greeters: Hayride Greeters will be stationed at the hayride load out, Country Corner, and the pumpkin patch, if applicable. You will be responsible for positive guest interactions and guest safety. Guests will line up in a load out area and you will be responsible for counting the appropriate number of guests to fit on a hayride to maximize safety and to move the greatest number of people at one time. Before the hayride takes off you will mount the hayride and give a safety talk to everyone on board, give a brief overview of the attractions which are coming ahead, and wave as the hayride departs. This position will be working out in the open in the elements, either standing on concrete, gravel or grass. Awnings and sun-blocking umbrellas are provided for you to have shelter. You will also assist in the cleanliness and sanitization of the hayride trailer.

Sticker Police: This position is responsible for making sure that guests on the farm are in their designated areas. There are many different types of admissions and corresponding admission stickers. It is the responsibility of the sticker police to have positive guest interactions while questioning any guest on the farm who is not displaying an admission sticker. This position will be located around the admission bin area and may go around the farm from time to time.

Sunflowers: This role will be helping guests locate the correct sunflowers in the meadow. You will be taking a nominal deposit for shears for guests to cut sunflowers and processing payment on an iPad register. You will be expected to go through cashier training and display proper money handling. You will be standing much of the time and be out in the elements.

How to Apply

  1. Open the application

    Click here to open the application. Again, be sure this opens in a new tab. This will allow you to switch between the job description(s) and application as needed, without losing the information you’ve entered in your application.

  2. Review the application

    As you will see on the application, we recommend reviewing the entire screen and gathering all information before beginning to complete the form. The sections that follow that screen must be completed immediately afterward and will take approximately an additional 10 minutes to complete.

It is the policy of Center Grove Orchard to provide equal opportunity in employment to all persons. An individual shall not be denied equal access to employment opportunities because of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or physical or mental disability.

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Today starts Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Week! 
We feel very fortunate to be able to harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables— such as strawberries 🍓, snap peas, apples 🍏, potatoes 🥔, and pumpkins 🎃. 
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Working at Center Grove Orchard is almost as fun as visiting! If you love working with people, are friendly, responsible and hardworking, we’d love to have you a part of our CGO family! 
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