Daily Farm Updates Thursday, July 29, 2021

Seasonal Items

Our Orchard has a lot more than just apples. When the weather’s right, we offer a variety of pumpkins, gourds and peaches. Find out what’s growing!

Pumpkins + Gourds

In late September through October, Center Grove Orchard has pumpkins and gourds available in our 25-acre patch. Plod through the patch to pick your perfect pumpkin, or pluck one from the preselected pile!

Admission is required for age 3 and older to visit the Pumpkin Patch and includes access to the Farmyard and unlimited CGO Express Train rides. Pre-picked pumpkins are available outside of admissions area.

: $0.39/lb
Weekend Pumpkin Valet Service: $0.55/lb
Gourds: 2/$1.00
Birdhouse Gourds: $2.95


Center Grove Orchard offers potatoes starting in September and continuing through October. Potatoes are not available for U-Pick and are only available in the Country Store.


Peaches unavailable in 2021. 

Center Grove Orchard offers peaches in the late summer/early fall. Peaches are not available for U-Pick and are only available in the Country Store.

Follow Along

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Only 1️⃣ week until the start of our Season Pass Flash Sale! ✨ This sale will be in full bloom starting 5 PM Thursday, August 5 until 5 PM Saturday, August 7. 🌻
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Today starts Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Week! 
We feel very fortunate to be able to harvest a variety of fruits and vegetables— such as strawberries 🍓, snap peas, apples 🍏, potatoes 🥔, and pumpkins 🎃. 
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Only 1️⃣ more month until the Fall Season is in full bloom— season starts Augusts 21! 🍎 In the comments below 👇, let us know what you are looking forward to the most!

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