Daily Farm Updates Friday, September 20, 2019

The Farmyard

The Farmyard at Center Grove Orchard offers activities for all ages and is the perfect place to explore, play, learn and spend a glorious autumn day. Explore the Corn Maze, take in a Pig Race, go down the Combine Slide—it’s all up to you and it all happens in the Farmyard.

Open 9 AM - 7 PM daily through November 3.

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Corn Maze

Get lost is in this fun and exciting 5-acre Corn Maze, a Center Grove Orchard tradition!

Included with Farmyard Admission

Corn Maze

Get lost is in this fun and exciting 5-acre Corn Maze, a Center Grove Orchard tradition!

Included with Farmyard Admission

Farm Animals

Interact with goats, horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys and sheep. Make a four-legged friend!

Included with Farmyard Admission

CGO Express Train

Take a ride around and enjoy the beautiful country setting on this fun and safe train. Children 8 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Unlimited rides included with Farmyard Admission

Jumping Pillows

How high can you go? Our two Jumping Pillows give an extra boost for jumpers ages 2 and older.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Schoolhouse & Time Tunnel

Step into the vine covered time tunnel to travel back to the 1800s at our old-fashioned school house, complete with desks and school bell.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Pedal Carts

Get your race on around our pedal cart course. Challenge your friends and have great fun for anyone 50 inches and taller.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Kids Corral

Little ones love this large sandbox area complete with a slide and a livestock corral.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Hop-a-Long Horses

Giddy-up! Grab a saddle on one of our inflatable horses.

Included with Farmyard Admission


This large rope spiderweb is the perfect place to climb and explore.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Combine Slide

See you at the bottom! The 12-ft tall Combine Slide makes for a fun ride.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Hayrides Around the Farm

Hop on our Hayride for a trip around the farm! Hayrides take you out to the Orchard, Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, Combine Slide and CGO Express Train. See the sites, get ideas for your next activity, scope out food options and enjoy yourself.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Corn Pool

Jump right in! You’ve never seen a pool like this—filled to the brim with corn kernels.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Hay Maze

Can you find your way around our Hay Maze? It’s a great activity for younger kids.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Rubber Duck Races

Cheer for your favorites in the Rubber Duck Races, where everybody is a winner.

Included with Farmyard Admission

3 Little Pigs Houses

Live the nursery rhyme at the stick, straw and brick houses. Just watch out for the big, bad wolf!

Included with Farmyard Admission


See these majestic animals up close.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Discovery Barn

This hands-on learning center allows children ages 2 to 8 to learn about the growing cycles of Iowa’s crops.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Pedal Tractors

Little ones can ride safe, fun tractors along an obstacle course.

Included with Farmyard Admission


Give rounding up cattle a shot. Grab a rope and try to lasso a stationary cow.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Molly Moo

Try your hand as a dairy farmer with Molly Moo, our life-size stationary milking cow.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Goat Walk

Our most popular animals are the goats! Enjoy watching them play, explore and be adventurous on their ramps, teeter-totters and more.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Wagon Ride

Take the little ones on a fun ride they’ll never forget.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Super Slides

Feel the autumn air push your hair back as you ride these 135-foot slides.

Included with Farmyard Admission

Pig Races

Who will be boss hog? Find out in the exciting and adorable Pig Races.

Included with Farmyard Admission

2019 Race Schedule:
Weekdays at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30
Weekends at 10:30, 12:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30

Apple Slingshot

How far will an apple fly? Place one in our Apple Slingshot and find out.

1 ticket (for 4 apples) included in Farmyard Admission. Additional apples may be purchased at $1 for 4 apples. Cash only or pay in advance at Admission Bins.

Farmyard Pricing


$11.95 per person
(ages 3+)

One-time access to all standard Farmyard activities Monday – Friday.

Includes unlimited CGO Express Train rides & ticket (for four apples) for Apple Slingshot

Buy Online and Save $2 on Admission


$15.95 per person
(ages 3+)

One-time access to all standard Farmyard activities Saturday – Sunday.

Includes unlimited CGO Express Train rides & ticket (for four apples) for Apple Slingshot

Buy Online and Save $2 on Admission

Season Pass

$39.95 per person
(ages 3+)

Unlimited access to standard Farmyard activities during our fall season.

Includes unlimited CGO Express Train rides & ticket (for four apples) for Apple Slingshot – per person, per visit


Apples and/or pumpkins are NOT included in the price of admission. Farmyard Admission is not needed to shop in our Country Store, eat at the Hay Cafe, Coffee Shop or the Bakery. Farmyard Admission is not needed to pick your own apples or pumpkins for purchase - please check-in at Admission Bins for details. Please note that some Farmyard activities (additional apples for Apple Slingshot beyond the four included in admission) may require an additional charge. Some activities are available weekends only or weather-permitting. Please visit our Pricing + Admission page for full information.

Farmyard Food and Facilities

Feed Bunk

Enjoy a meal hot off our grill and eat in our outdoor seating area, featuring burgers, pulled pork and our famous homemade applesauce.


The finest finger food including grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken strips and our signature apple nachos!

Apple Jacks

Apples of all sorts including caramel apples, apple nachos, cider donuts and cider slushies.

Pumpkin House

Take a break from the Jumping Pillows at the nearby Pumpkin House, and enjoy a delicious walking taco.

Country Corner

Get ready to pick apples! Country Corner is where to find your U-Pick apple bags as well as other snacks and goodies.

Potty Barn

Clean restroom facilities are available with changing tables and sinks.

Follow Along

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